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PFS After Care Performance Glass Cleaner

PFS After Care Performance Glass Cleaner

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PFS After Care Performance Glass Cleaner is a very sophisticated formula for cleaning glass, clear plastics and other shiny surfaces on luxury vehicles. It's effective in removing fingerprints and natural oils that smudge glass, gauge cover plastic, infotainment screen and even interior chrome bits. Additionally, our formula is safe if accidentally over-sprayed and will not mar surfaces. If over-sprayed simply wipe down as if cleaning a normal glass surface.

Cleaning glass is the staple final touch of any detailing project. You car deserves the absolute best for this important, yet often taken for granted aspect of detailing.

  • Formulated for all types of glass and plexiglass
  • Helps dissolve fine oils that cause streaks
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Produces a perfectly clean surface
  • Great for interior or exterior glass
  • Safe on adjacent materials if slightly over-sprayed


  1. Make sure your glass surfaces are cool to touch.
  2. To avoid streaks use product in the shade.
  3. Shake the bottle and lightly spray solution on a clean microfiber towel.
  4. For heavily soiled glass, you can spray directly on the surface.
  5. Using a clean microfiber towel wipe the surface down to remove impurities.
  6. Turn microfiber towel over and continue wiping until glass is clear.
  7. If slight streaks remain, use a second fully dry microfiber to finish.
  8. Use as often as needed, even between car washes.

Size Availability

  • 16 oz Spray Bottle
  • 128oz Gallon Jug