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PFS After Care Waterless Wash

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PFS After Care Waterless Wash is represents the most advanced and technology packed solution for thorough waterless washing. Our waterless wash is formulated for use over the most sophisticated of finishes. This is the fluid solution to use when your vehicle needs more than a simply quick detail. Luxury vehicles, super cars and hypercars tend to not end up as dirty as a daily driver would. Normally they are not driven in heavy rain and the roads of choice are generally clean. This means that a quick detail is all that is needed for a day’s drive. However, add a long drive, drizzle and perhaps some bugs and a little more is needed for cleaning. That’s where PFS After Care Waterless Wash comes in.

Our waterless wash used liberally over a surfaces encompasses all surface contaminants in a slick solution that can easily be wiped down. This allows the vehicle to be cleaned safely. Most professionals agree that using waterless wash often is better for you car’s finish that full soapy washes at large intervals. To enhance the effectiveness of our waterless wash we recommend the vehicle have a very well treated finish with either a ceramic coating or fresh wax.

  • Quickly wipe down your dusty car without using water
  • Wash your car without any mess
  • Recommended for in-between washes
  • Remove bugs quickly


  1. Make sure your vehicle is not filthy dirty or muddy.
  2. Ensure your paint is cool to the touch and your car is not in direct sunlight.
  3. Shake the bottle and liberally spray the solution directly on the car.
  4. Use a clean microfiber cloth and lightly wipe the surface in one direction. We recommend flipping the towel over after each pass. You will need multiple towels. This will ensure you do not scratch the paint.
  5. After a waterless wash, we recommend using our Super Car Ceramic Spray to apply a super high-gloss and long lasting protection.